Secrets of success: How I nailed the Binance Alpine Quiz Answers

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5 Binance Alpine Quiz Answers:


Binance is one of the biggest crypto currency exchange of the world by daily trading volume. In year 2017, it was founded by Changpeng Zhao, also known as CZ. It gets popular in short span of time in the crypto currency community. Binance provides many cryptocurrencies and token for its users for trading. And it also provide a lot of features like spot trading, margin trading, futures trading, staking, and lending. It also has a native token, BNB, which can be used to pay for trading fees and other services.

In general, Binance is considered as a secure and safe exchange. It has put in place several security safeguards, such as two-factor authentication, cold storage for its money, and recurring security assessments. Though no exchange is totally secure from attacks, Binance has been compromised in the past.

Pros and Cons of Binance:

  • Pros-
    • It has very high trading volume.
    • Almost all cryptocurrencies and crypto tokens are available on this exchange.
    • It has good customer customer support service.
    • Binance has its mobile app for both android and iOS users.
    • It has active community of large users.
    • No fees for maker trades (users who add liquidity to the market).
  • Cons-
    • Binance is not available in all countries. (like Serbia, Bosnia, Iran, Myanmar etc)
    • It can be very difficult for beginners to use it.
    • It has been attacked by hackers in past but no user data and funds were lost.
    • Binance has been investigated by regulators in some countries.

Binance Learn And Earn Quiz:

By passing instructional quizzes on blockchain and cryptocurrencies, users can earn free cryptocurrency through the Binance Learn & Earn Quiz programme. Users must be KYC-verified and have a Binance account in order to participate. Afterward, they can choose from a range of tests, each of which delivers a unique bitcoin prize. Users that successfully complete a quiz and answer all the questions properly will be rewarded.


These quizzes are going to be very interactive, informative and very entertaining for its users. They will cover the field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Users can gain knowledge about the fundamentals of blockchain technology, how cryptocurrencies function, and the many kinds of cryptocurrencies that are offered by taking the Learn & Earn Quiz. Additionally, they can discover the advantages and disadvantages of cryptocurrency investment.

A wonderful method to learn about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies while also earning some free cryptocurrency is to take the Learn & Earn quiz. It is a helpful tool for both novice and seasoned investors.

Benefits of participating in the Binance learn and earn quizzes:

  • You can learn more about blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
  • You can earn free cryptocurrency by completing quizzes.
  • You can increase your knowledge about the blockchain industry.
  • You can stay up-to-date on the latest trends in the blockchain industry.
  • You can be eligible for early access to new projects and tokens.
Secrets of success: How I nailed the Binance Alpine Quiz Answers

Binance Alpine Quiz:

Users can earn ALPINE fan tokens by passing a quiz about the Alpine F1® Team as part of the Binance Alpine Quiz learning and rewards programme. There are 8 questions in the quiz about the team’s history, its fan engagement programmes, and its collaboration with Binance.

To participate in the quiz, users must have a Binance account and be KYC-verified. The quiz is open to users from all over the world, except for users in the following jurisdictions:

  • Afghanistan
  • Burundi
  • Central African Republic
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Cuba
  • Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Iraq
  • Lebanon
  • Libya
  • Somalia
  • Sudan
  • South Sudan
  • Syria
  • Yemen

With the Alpine F1® Team Fan Token, fans may take part in the team’s fan interaction programmes, including voting on team decisions and attending exclusive events. The token can also be used to buy team-related goods and merchandise.


Users can win free tokens and gain more knowledge about the Alpine F1® Team and its fan token by taking the Binance Alpine Quiz. I encourage you to take the quiz if you support the team or are curious to understand more about fan tokens.

Secrets of success: How I nailed the Binance Alpine Quiz Answers

Binance Alpine Quiz Answers:

Q1. What year did BWT Alpine F1® Team enter Formula One™?

Answer- 2021

Q2. Which was the first race of which the Alpine F1® Team make their debut?

Answer-  Formula 1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix 2021

Q3. Which of the following Alpine Experiences takes place at an altitude of 2200 metres?

Answer- Alpine Ice Driving Experience

Q4. Which of the following drives for Alpine esports team?

Answer- Nicolas Longuet

Q5. Where is BWT Alpine F1® Team’s chasis built?

Answer- Enstone, United Kingdom

Q6. Who is the current CEO of the BWT Alpine F1® Team?

Answer- Laurent Rossi

Q7. How many races did current BWT Alpine F1® Team reserve driver Oscar Piastri win on his way to winning the 2021 Fia Formula 2 Championship?

Answer- 6

Q8. During which Grand Prix did BWT Alpine F1® Team claim its maiden win?

Answer: Formula 1 Rolex Magyar Nagydij 2021

Q9. How many gears does the Alpine A522 have?

Answer- 7

Q10. How can you get ALPINE F1® Team Fan Tokens before listing?

Answer- Launchpad

Q11. What did the listing date of the ALPINE F1® Team Fan Token coincide with?

Answer- BWT Alpine F1® Team’s first race of the year

Q12. What is the initial circulating supply of ALPINE when launched on Binance?

Answer- 11,360,000

Q13. What token do you need in order to participate in the Alpine F1® Team Fan Token Launchpad?

Answer- BNB

Q14. Which of the following is NOT true?

Answer- ALPINE F1® Team Fan Token holders with 1,000 ALPINE will be able to get the animated ALPINE NFTs.

Q15. Which of the following ways can fans get ALPINE F1® Team Fan Tokens?

Answer- Participate in the Binance Launchpad and Binance P2P & Spot Market, Gift Cards

Q16. Which driver was featured in the Binance x BWT Alpine F1® Team launch video on the Fan Token page?

Answer- Esteban Ocon

Q17. Which of the following is not an Alpine car?

Answer- Alpine A GT

Q18. How much ALPINE in total is the Binance Fan Token planning to airdrop to its community to celebrate their partnership?

Answer- 100

Q19. How many limited edition NFTs is BWT Alpine F1® Team releasing for the first collection?

Answer- 15,000

Q20. When was the ALPINE F1® Team Fan Token listed on Binance Fan Token Platform?

Answer- 21 February 2022

How to Participate in the “Binance Learn & Earn Alpine Quiz Answers” – Win Token Rewards (ALPINE):

Follow the given steps to participate in this Quiz-

  • Step 1: Open the ‘Binance’ app. Click here.
    • Binance Referral ID – HRI2HNQ2
  • Step 2: Login in your Binance account or if you don’t have any account the create a new one.
  • Step 3: Then Visit the [Learn and Earn] landing page on Binance Academy.
    • Complete your identity verification or Full KYC for your Binance account.
  • Step 4: Select any one of the courses and click on start course. Follow the given instructions to learn and complete the quiz.
  • Step 5: To check rewards distribution, go to [Reward history]. Please note that rewards will be distributed in 48 hours if you pass the quiz and are qualified for this campaign.
  • Step 6: To redeem the reward, go to Account –> Reward Center.

Please be aware that the token voucher is only good for 14 days after it is given out. Please use the voucher to redeem your tokens before it expires.

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