Pi coin value

Before knowing the pi coin value, we need to know about pi coin and pi network.

Introduction of Pi :

Pi is the first digital currency that a person can mine on his/her phone. We know that the world’s most popular cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. And Bitcoin mining is much time and energy intensive, requires too many physical resources and advanced knowledge of technology. But, you can mine Pi on your phone and this is huge technological reform. It was established by Stanford PhDs. The Pi network was developed by Stanford University academics Nicolas Kokkalis and Chengdiao Fan in year 2019. This Pi network has over 35 million members worldwide.

How to join Pi Network :

You also can join this revolution by clicking this link : Click Here

Follow this link https://minepi.com/itsmekshitijkr and use my username (itsmekshitijkr) as your invitation code.

Why to mine Pi :

It is one of the fast growing network. This project assured to be environmentally sustainable, which might helps in attracting climate-conscious investors. Mining of Bitcoin requires huge amount of electricity to run the rigs in order to mine Bitcoin. Whereas, mining of Pi does not requires too much electricity. The Pi network application is used to mine Pi, and the mining procedure needs application users to click on Mine button on their phone in every 24 hours.

According to the whitepaper for the Pi Network, the native cryptocurrency will not be introduced until phase 3 of the project, when the Pi Network mainnet is launched. However, The Developers have not provided any hints on a timeframe to launch Pi coin.

The Pi Network is set up on a revolutionary technique known as The Federated Byzantine Agreement (FBA), which enables a set of nodes (computers) to reach an agreement without needing a central authority.

A Pi miner may play any of the four roles:

  1. Pioneers : A Pi member who mines Pi after clicking “Start Mining” button on Pi application. On 14th March 2022, it was recorded that there were 33 million active Pioneers.
  2. Contributors : A Pi member who provides a list of trustworthy users to the network.
  3. Ambassadors : A user who promote Pi network to new users using their referral code to receive a bonus.
  4. Nodes : Participants using the Pi node application on their personal computers.

According to Pi core team, at the time of launching, its initial mining rate was 1.84 π per hour, and it was reduced to 0.8 π per hour after 100,000 users were added. When this count increased to 1,000,000, mining rate reduced at 0.4 π per hour, and it was further reduced to 0.2 π per hour when this user count crossed 10,000,000 level. Then, it will continue to diminish until they hit zero when the network reaches to 1 billion members.

Pi Coin Value prediction :

Currently, Pi coin is an unlisted token that is practically worthless, as of 24th October. As a result, there is no historical data of the Pi Network’s performance since the token has not been launched on any cryptocurrency exchanges.

Pi Coin Value Prediction –

  • At the end of 2022 : If the Pi coin launched within 2 months before the end of this year, we can see the Pi Coin value hit up to $0.10 
  • At the end of 2025 : After some months for the project to mature and develop use cases, we can see Pi coin value hit up to $0.40
  • At the end of 2030 : At the end of this decade, this Pi coin can jump as high as $0.90 to $1

One of the some crypto experts DigitalCoinPrice has predicted that Pi Coin Value hit $0.009 by the end of year 2022 and reach $0.015 in year 2025.

According to CoinDataFlow, if this coin gets launched in this month then its value may be $0.6962

Conclusion and Our Thoughts :

The Pi network is a very interesting and one of the best crypto project that has shown a lot of assurance. Pi network has a dedicated community, a passionate team behind it, and a solid technical and ethical foundation — all the markings of a promising cryptocurrency.

Meanwhile, while we all wait for Pi Network to be listed on many crypto exchanges, you can try investing in one of the any cryptocurrencies listed on different crypto exchanges.

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